New catalogue 2012/2013 for miniature fuses

In-depth R&D cooperation with customers has led to a host of new developments – as highlighted in the new SIBA catalogue for miniature fuses.

October, 2012 - Two all-new products, a range of new and custom-tailored technical modifications, as well as new certifications: all this and more can be found in the current edition of SIBA's miniature fuses catalogue. Besides, the new catalogue is proof positive that the Lünen-based fuse manufacturer takes collaboration with its customers seriously: many of the new developments are the result of individual solutions that SIBA's engineers have come up with for their customers in the industrial electronics industry.

Take, for example, the 163016, hailed Product of the Year by "elektronik" magazine, which SIBA has developed on the basis of the extremely small, yet high-voltage breaking 160016 fuse. With its even slower switching-off characteristic, the 163016 meets additional customer requirements. And as for the 160016, it has achieved two more certifications: one by Underwriters Laboratories and another by Intertek (formerly Semko), garnering the "S"-label.

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