SIBA SMD Fuse voted Product of the Year 2011

SIBA's 160016 fuse voted winner in the "Passive Components" category by the readers of Elektronik magazine.

March 2011 - Only 4.5 x 16 mm in size and yet designed so ingeniously it can break currents of up to 4000 A: the capabilities of our new SMD fuse took the readers of Elektronik magazine completely by storm. And thus, when it came to this year's vote on the Product of the Year - something more than 16.000 readers took part in - SIBA's 250 V SMD fuse garnered first place in the "Passive Components" category.

"This is really wonderful news" beams Michael Schröer, who is responsible for equipment protection at SIBA. "It shows that professionals in the industry know the value of innovation."

In its latest design, the fuse exhibits eye-catching innovations: at only 4.5 x 16 mm the dimensions of the new, block-type SMD fuse are visibly smaller than the previous cylindrical 5 x 20 mm 250 V miniature fuses used to break high currents. And in the world of circuit boards and components, where space is at a premium, every millimeter counts. And that is not all. The new, non-cylindrical fuses can be mounted much more easily and, as they are able to break currents of up to 4000 A, in extreme cases are able to handle even higher loads than the cylindrical fuse series.

Published by WEKA-Fachverlag near Munich, Elektronik magazine has a circulation of around 30,500. Each copy is read by approximately three people, according to the LAlink to datasheetE
readership survey of decision- makers in industry and administration. Nearly 90 percent of Elektronik magazine's readers are tied to the fields of research, development and design.

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