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September 2006 – Efficient current inverters, high no-load voltages, heavy load currents – beneath the blue-shimmering solar cells of photovoltaic installations there are highly sophisticated systems at work in handling the generated energy. Including the fuses. Working with other experienced partners, SIBA has developed a solution to provide effective protection for this technology.

The demands made on short-circuit and overload protection devices in photovoltaic installations are constantly increasing. Today, for instance, they can reach no-load voltages of 900 V DC. The load currents of the individual strings can be as high as 16 A, and in many cases several strings are combined in order to achieve higher output. SIBA has turned its attention to this challenge, and working with several partners in the field of photovoltaics, has developed a solution to provide optimum protection for these systems.
The outcome is a product series for rated currents from 4 A to max. 20 A and with performance characteristics to meet the requirements of modern PV installations. Depending on customer specifications, the fuse elements can be fitted in contact springs, soldered directly onto circuit boards or screwed onto appropriate connection contacts. The fuse elements are offered in 3 standard cylindrical designs: 50 215 06: 10 x 38 mm for contact springs 50 216 06: 10 x 38 mm with solder pins 50 217 06: 10 x 38 mm with screw contacts.
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