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Sales and distribution in general
SIBA Sales and distribution
Telephone: +49-2306-7001-0
Fax: +49-2306-7001-10
Domestic branches
SIBA Salesoffice Freiberg
Untergasse 12
D-09599 Freiberg
Telephone: +49-3731-202283
Fax: +49-3731-202462
  SIBA Salesoffice Kassel
Siebertweg 20
D-34225 Baunatal
Telephone: +49-5601-965300
Fax: +49-5601-965301
SIBA Salesoffice Rhein/Ruhr
Espelweg 25
D-58730 Fröndenberg
Telephone: +49-2373-1753141
Fax +49-2373-1753142
  SIBA Salesoffice Süd-West
Germersheimer Str. 101a
D-67360 Lingenfeld
Telephone: +49-6344-937510
Fax: +49-6344-937511
SIBA Salesoffice Bayern
Kirchstraße 12
D-86316 Friedberg
Telephone: +49-821-58955260
Fax: +49-821-58955261
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Ensuring optimal protection for energy storage units
Brochure: Perfect solutions for your battery installations   more

SIBA is committed to social responsibility
Around 170 companies have signed the ZVEI ‘Code of Conduct', including now also SIBA.   more

In addition to our news we offer other reading matter concerning the world of fuses: Our product stories let you catch a glimpse of our customer’s point of view.
Fewer smells, better image
Dutch company Aerox supplies innovative odor abatement systems all around the world. SIBA...  more


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SIBA-Head Office
Borker Straße 20-22
D-44534 Lünen
Telephone: +49-2306-7001-0
Fax: +49-2306-7001-10

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