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You will undoubtedly have already noticed that on nearly every page of our website you will find the name of a contact person in the right-hand column who is an expert on the particular subject concerned and who will be able to provide you with more information.

Here, you will find a complete list of all central contact partners, arranged by special subject fields.

For customers: SIBA sales and distribution
Want to inquire about delivery times, check on products in stock, find out more about special terms? Our sale and distribution specialists will respond rapidly, promptly and in line with your needs. More

For suppliers: SIBA purchasing
Interesting ideas, favourable sources of supply, best delivery terms? As an innovative production company, we are constantly looking for capable and efficient partners. More

For developers/engineers: SIBA research and development
Out-of-the-ordinary product requirements, detailed queries on product applications, expert advice required? Our engineers will be pleased to assist. More

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Ensuring optimal protection for energy storage units
Brochure: Perfect solutions for your battery installations   more

SIBA is committed to social responsibility
Around 170 companies have signed the ZVEI ‘Code of Conduct', including now also SIBA.   more

In addition to our news we offer other reading matter concerning the world of fuses: Our product stories let you catch a glimpse of our customer’s point of view.
Fewer smells, better image
Dutch company Aerox supplies innovative odor abatement systems all around the world. SIBA...  more

Still not been able to identify the contact person you need on these pages?
Contact us for further help:

SIBA Head Office
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Telephone: +49-2306-7001-0
Fax: +49-2306-7001-10

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