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Welcome to SIBA South Africa

From IT to high voltage

For over 70 years now, we have been making devices to protect high and low voltage installations and equipment. Many energy utilities put
their trust in our HH fuse links, while our ultra-rapid fuses protect sensitive power semiconductors from harm. And a large number of industrial customers rely on SIBA NH fuses to safeguard their motors and machines.

But whatever area they are used in – the investment in fuses to protect products and machines is money well spent, for a tripped fuse prevents other, much more costly damage. However, this kind of protection is only provided by dependable quality – no matter whether it is a high-voltage fuse in a German transformer station or a miniature fuse to protect the chip in a Chinese mobile phone. Whether from our parent plant in Germany or from our subsidiaries located elsewhere, SIBA fuses are supplied to the whole world.

We provide a wide-ranging product portfolio:

Four central product groups,
plus one supplementary product group:

UR   Ultra-rapid fuses: When every tenth of a second counts.
HH   High-voltage fuses: We keep up the tension.
NH   Low-voltage fuses: Optimum protection for mains and equipment.
GS   Miniature fuses: The rip cord for industrial electronics.
SO   Other fuses: Special fuses are our trade.

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Please contact our local representative:

SIBA Fuses S.A. (PTY.) Ltd.

P.O. Box 34261
Jeppestown 2043
Telephone: +27-0-11334-6560
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