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Ensuring optimal protection for energy storage units
Brochure: Perfect solutions for your battery installations   more

SIBA is committed to social responsibility
Around 170 companies have signed the ZVEI ‘Code of Conduct', including now also SIBA.   more

New brochure: Transformer protection in power circuits
For ten years now, high-efficiency SSK fuses from SIBA have been protecting clients' investments.   more

fuse.on 3/12: SIBA informs on miniature fuses
“Why do fuses blow?” You’ll find the answer in the new edition of our “fuse.on” whitepaper series.   more

New catalogue 2012/2013 for miniature fuses
In-depth R&D cooperation with customers has led to a host of new developments – as highlighted in the new SIBA catalogue for miniature fuses.   more

North Rhine-Westphalia's Minister of Economic Affairs visits SIBA
Newly inaugurated minister of economic affairs for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia Garrelt Duin paid a visit to SIBA on one of his first trips.   more

New catalogue: NH fuses safeguard both mains and switchgear
SIBA showcases its wide range of low-voltage fuses in an all-new catalogue   more

SIBA SMD Fuse voted Product of the Year 2011
SIBA's 160016 fuse voted winner in the "Passive Components" category by the readers of Elektronik magazine.   more

Fuses not only for signaling installations
SIBA re-issues information brochure following Innotrans in Berlin   more

Small, but packing a punch: new SMD at electronica 2010
SMD and more: meet SIBA-experts in munich november 2010   more

Small footprint, writ large: our new SMD covered by "Elektronik Praxis" magazine (16/2010)

Small in dimensions, big in safety
Novelty: SIBA premieres the first true SMD fuse capable of interrupting up to 4000 A   more

Miniature fuses: new products, new features
A new SMD fuse for power line applications, a new photovoltaic fuse, new data and approvals - all this and more can be found in SIBA's new catalogue   more

First hand information - on everything about fuses
SIBA launches new "fuse.on" series: publications that explain the world of fuses in a clear and comprehensible way - beginning with photovoltaics   more

Fuses - now also in Russian and Arabic
SIBA offers its company brochure in two new languages   more

New subsidiary in Russia
Branch in Moscow for fuses "made in Germany"   more

"Sun Protection Factor" for Solar Power
New brochure describes expanded product range   more

Miniature fuse range expanded
Updated catalogue for miniature fuses, new sub-catalogue for PTC fuses   more

New edition of the miniature fuses handbook
Up-to-date information in an updated design   more

Stronger presence in Denmark
SIBA intensifies cooperation with Ole Andersen A/S   more

From SMD to high voltage
The new SIBA miniature fuses catalogue is now available.   more

Making solar energy safe
New photovoltaic fuse from SIBA   more

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Fewer smells, better image
Dutch company Aerox supplies innovative odor abatement systems all around the world. SIBA...  more

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