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SIBA fuses are in use all over the world and in the most diverse places and applications to protect the investments of our customers. It is far preferable for a fuse to be tripped than for a machine or a complete plant to suffer damage. Read here to find out how that works in everyday practice.
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Fewer smells, better image
Dutch company Aerox supplies innovative odor abatement systems all around the world. SIBA miniature fuses protect the equipment from damage. Manufacturers don't often publicly present their...  more

Keeping wind power under control
Woodward Kempen develops and manufactures frequency converters for wind turbines - with SIBA fuses on board Just months after German chancellor Merkel's call for an energy turnaround, German Wind...  more

Safety for solar electricity
Electricity from the sun: For Ullrich Goray, Friedhelm Lammers and Frank Blichmann, this is far more than just a simple hobby for environmentally-minded home owners. After all, emission-free...  more

SIBA helps EVA
The scene: a huge building full of highest-performance capacitors, flanked by an endless number of SIBA fuses. The place: The FRZ Research Centre in Dresden Rossendorf, or more precisely: the world's...  more

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Ensuring optimal protection for energy storage units
Brochure: Perfect solutions for your battery installations   more

SIBA is committed to social responsibility
Around 170 companies have signed the ZVEI ‘Code of Conduct', including now also SIBA.   more

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