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Item numberTypeDescriptionSizeDimensionsRated voltageRated currentCharakteristic
3100102.HHD-UFuse-basee=192mmAC 7,2 kV
3100201.HHD-UFuse-basee=192mmAC 7,2 kV
3100302.HHD-UFuse-basee=292mmAC 12 kV
3100401.HHD-UFuse-basee=292mmAC 12 kV
3100502.HHD-UFuse-basee=442mmAC 24 kV
3100601.HHD-UFuse-basee=442mmAC 24 kV
3100606.gpHHD-UFuse-basee=442mmAC 24 kV
3100702.HHD-UFuse-basee=537mmAC 36 kV
3100801.HHD-UFuse-basee=537mmAC 36 kV
3122101.HHD-UFuse-basee=292mmAC 24 kV